Coverzall Equipment

The most versatile and portable spray systems for coating products on the market

The Ultimate coating product

Industry leading products that have been tested in a wide array of environments, so you can be sure your applications will last. No matter if it’s our liner material or floor coatings. 

Being a Coverzall Installer gives you complete access to our full line of coating products for vehicles, floors, and more.  

Why Coverzall?
because we are a portable system!


Coverzall equipment is unsurpassed in the industry with it’s ability to spray a variety of product.

Long Term Performance

Coverzall equipment with proper service and maintenance will last for decades!


Coverzall equipment and materials are a great investment for installers and entrepreneurs.


Prevent slippage and keep your haul safe with our patented products.

Best in class partnerships to start or add on to your business

Give us a call and we will get you set up with the best program out there! We also have a great lease program for our equipment.

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