The versatility of the Coverzall Maxi is what sets it apart from other plural component spray systems. The Maxi was specifically engineered for two component high solids material for a variety of surfaces. You can spray truck bed liners, floor coatings, and protective coatings with ease with the Maxi. The Maxi also avoids clogging issues found in other plural component sprayers.

The Coverzall Maxi features a rugged frame and cabinet that is designed years of use, and is portable so you won’t need extra long fluid lines.

Because the Coverzall Maxi only mixes the material you need you won’t be trowing out unused mixed material. Stop hand mixing material and get consistent results. The Coverzall Maxi removes premixing issues. Just fill the tanks and spray.

More material goes on the surface with less overspray with HVLP. The higher efficiency means you save, less material is wasted.

Digital Controls provide consistent temperature to maximize proper viscosity that ensures even flow and buildup control on your spray surface. Professional results every time.

The Coverzall Spray Gun features remote fluid pump control so you can start and stop spraying without walking back too the pump to activate it.

Because only the disposable spray tube comes in contact with the mixed material you can clean up and be ready for the next job in a couple minutes. No need to
flush the system for every job. 

Get more jobs done with less material with better results.


Coverzall Air-Buddy Jr. and Air-Buddy Sr. are designed to provide a high CFM without compressing air requiring a dryer. These machines are portable and plug into a 20-amp 110-volt outlet.

  • 100% portable
  • Standard 110V Plug In
  • 2-wheel cart for easy transport
  • Solid Frame Construction
  • Air-Buddy Jr. provides 11 cu. ft. of air
  • Air-Buddy Sr. provides 21 cu. ft. of air
  • Turbine Air Cooler for 100% efficiency
  • Pressure Relief Valve for easy air pressure adjustment
  • Pressure Gauge
  • High Volume Low Pressure Design

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