Novotech 500

Product Description:

Novotech 500 is a multifunctional phenol novolac resin that is extremely chemical resistant

with a high heat deflection temperture.Novotech 500 is a thick film novolac lining designed

to cure at ambient temperature to provide exceptional corrosin protection for surfaces in

severe chemical and physical enviroments.


Corrosion Protection         Heavy-Duty Chemical Resistant Protective Lining

Abrasion Resistant            Extremely Hard & Tough


Novotech500 Will providea high degre of protection against corrosive moisture, fumes,

carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane gases,industial water and wastewater solutions

containing salts, detergents, many acids, alkalis, and other chemicals, Novotech 500 is

used as a heay-duty chemical resistant protective lining. Novotech 500 is also resistant to 

petroleum products such as kerosene, deisel,gasoline, aviation fuels, motor oils,lubrication

materials, greases,hydraulic fluids, alcohols, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents.


Crude and Storage tanks                       Pipe Lining Systems

Containment Walls and Floors               Mining and Milling Industries

Petrochemical Plants                             Water Treatment Plants

Food Processing Facilities                     Wastewater Treatment Plants

Internal Tanks                                        Steel Stuctures and Bridges



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