Sealtech IM-129

Product Description:

Sealtech IM-129 is a two component, liquid applied,asphaltextended aromaticpolyurethane 

that adheres to most substrates,to form a waterproof membrane. Sealtech IM-129isANSI /

NSF-61 approved for contact with Potable Water.


NSF-61 Approved                    Bridge Cracks and Joints

Low VOC                                  Impervious To Water and Aqueous

Seamless Waterproofing          Chemicals



Waterproofing                   Ponds(with Scrim)

Roofing(with Scrim)          Containment

Tank Liner                        Corrosion Protection

Reservoirs(With Scrim)    Potable Water Containment/Storage

Pond Liner

Common Substrates:

Concrete     Glass

Wood          Asphalt

Steel           Metal



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