Coverzall Equipment: High Volume Low Pressure Spray System

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We took the time to think about how you will use our equipment. Our next generation design has virtually eliminated all maintenance issues that most other coating machines have.

The biggest problem is “the Activator”. It crystalizes, gets milky, hardens, then it gets chunks in the line and pump, locks up the pump, plugs up the lines and eventually blows the seal. Then mismatched material comes out, messes up the job and costs you thousands of dollars in maintenance repair and job redo’s...

Coverzall Mini coating system is your solution – we didn’t just put a band aid on it – we fixed the problem!

Mini will save you literally thousands of dollars in repairs, maintenance and redo’s! No crystalized material – No chunks – No blockage – No issues

We are so confident we gave Mini a 5 year limited warranty – no fine print!


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  • 100% portable, small footprint
  • Solid frame construction
  • 11 GA Bumper wrap and handle
  • 16 GA Skin tough and durable
  • 6 gal High grade Stainless Steel tanks with air tight seal with 2 spring latches
  • 3/4 HP High Torque DC motor
  • Heavy duty pumps
  • Moisture Lock inlet lines
  • 36 ft. Fluid lines
  • 4 ft. Whip Lines for non-binding movement
  • Touch control digital thermostat
  • 400 Watt Ceramic heater
  • Plural gun 
  • Easy side door access for quick service
  • Lid designed to contain heat to eliminate isocyanate issues – no band aid here
  • Easy access front swing out front door
  • Kill Switch built into the pistol grip gun – very cool!
  • Does Floors, Trucks, and more
  • 5 Year Limited Warrenty


Let’s talk about our Mini System…

The Mini is 100% portable and has a smaller footprint than the Maxi.
So whether you are doing a small job or a large job, set up is simple. Imagine the additional money
you could make going from a $400 bed liner to a $400,000 Parking Garage!
  • The Plural Gun is designed for comfort from the grip to the weight of your gun when you are spraying. With our gun set up and Air Buddy Sr, you can literally spray up to 2000 sq. ft of bed liner material per hour with no fatigue!
  • The Kill Switch is even built into our gun with an ergonomic design.
  • The Mini can do floors at a high rate of efficiency upwards of 5000 sq. ft. of floor coating per hour. Think about that for a while - less men on the job - no mixing mess - no mistakes. This is where the cliché “Time is Money” pays off. The Mini can pay for itself literally in one or two jobs.
  • Not only is the Mini just a smaller footprint and more affordable, but this bad boy can also spray truck liners - Yes, that right - Mini can do floors and trucks!
  • Use your own clean dry air, or add our Air Buddy Jr. or Sr. and you have a profitable turnkey operation.


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