Coverzall Equipment: Air-Buddy HLVP Air Pump

The  Air Buddy. is 100% portable, and it run's off a standard 110V 15A plug. In the field you need to be portable and the Air Buddy is just that. The Air Buddy is one serious air pump that can provide the volume of air you need for small or large applications of liner or floor coatings when you need it.

The Air-Buddy has a pressure relief valve to adjust your air pressure for any job from 2 to 18 cubic feet of air. So there’s no undue stress on the motor by just choking the air.

Our Air Buddy is separate from our equipment because it works with both the Maxi and the Mini.

Most importantly it keeps the air pump out of the heated coating machine cabinet. These units already get very hot and if you remember, as we said before hot air meeting cool air condensates and now you have moisture in your air line which is bad news. 

Let’s talk about our Air Buddy…

There are two reasons why we will not install an air pump or compressor inside our spray equipment cabinet:
First Reason: Why pay for something you don’t need? If you have your own clean, dry air source, then you do not need ours. Most shops have their own air source, so use your air. The big misconception is if you use your compressed air, you will have too much overspray and you will waste a lot of material – NOT TRUE! Air flow is measured by cu ft per minute. Once your air is at the regulator the amount of air creating your fan pattern is virtually the same. So don’t think for a minute your air compressor is wasteful! The Air Buddy becomes efficient when you are in the field and you can’t drag all of your big bulky expensive air equipment with you. The Air Buddy is a high volume air source that can allow you to spray at 100% efficiency, up to 2000 sq ft per hour. Now that’s fast! . It provide's constant air flow volume without an air tank. It is cooled by a 400 cu. ft turbine fan.
Second Reason: Would you put on a winter coat if you had to work in a furnace room that was 90° every day? Of course not! So why put an air pump that runs hot naturally in a heated cabinet? Think about it – this air pump draws in cool air and from the heat of the air pump, the air gets hot and expands which is forward air pressure.
So if your air pump is running extremely hot, drawing in hot air, three things will happen:
  • First you start losing your forward air pressure thus losing about 40% of your air flow.
  • Second the extremely hot air will cool at the spray tip, condense and turn into moisture which can mix into the material and cause failures.
  • Third your air pump will overheat and simply shut down until it cools off. This can eventually burn up the motor.
So we offer you  our Air Buddy which puts out a whopping 18 cu ft of air.
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